5 ways to know if you’re a REAL musician

So … you think you’re a real musician, huh? Or maybe you’ve always wanted to learn an instrument, but never tried. How do you know if you’ve got what it takes?

am I a musicianTake this little quiz to find out:

1 – Do you like music?

I mean really like music? When you hear your favorite song, does time stand still? You might even lose focus as you soak in the sound. If music sometimes acts as your own personal kryptonite, then you’re a natural musician.

2 – Do you have rhythm?

When you hear a rhythmic pattern, do you get into the groove? Like when you’re at a red light and your car blinker is on … do you drum out a funky beat on the steering wheel?

Do you even use your car blinker? Your answers to these questions say something about your musicianship (and driving skills).

3 – Do you like music more than sports?

Do you watch the Super Bowl for the half-time entertainment? If you get more excited by the guitar solo than the game-winning touchdown, you’re a musician at heart.

4 – Do you love patterns?

Like checkerboards, or prime numbers, or trees lining the street. Do you get a little burst of excitement when you spot a pattern in a store aisle, or at the park, or in a book? This might mean you’re a little crazy … but also a musician.

5 – Do you love communication?

That is, do you crave expressing how you feel and think? But sometimes it’s hard to find the right words? Do you sometimes hum what’s on your mind … or hear music in your head? Then you may be a musician and you didn’t even know it.

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you probably have a songbird inside of you—fluttering to get out. Just pick an instrument and learn to play! There’s so little time. And so much music to make!

What are some other tell-tale signs of a musician? And if you already play, how did you discover your love of music?

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