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October update

It is now October 2016, and I’ve been mostly quiet for the past year. But behind the scenes, I’ve been all sorts of busy–and life is awesome!

In fact, all year I’ve been cranking away on ColorMusic. In January, I put out the crash course on guitar theory. And then, like the very same week, things got crazy busy for me personally.

I had an opportunity that brought my family back to Utah, where we’d been living before. So we all moved cross-country again (which was intense … and awesome).

But in the meantime, I’ve been working on the full guitar theory course all this while. And it’s definitely evolved way beyond what I originally expected.

At first, I thought there would be 10 lessons. So in the crash course, I said the full course would be released last summer. I thought that’s how long it would like–just a few months.

But as I’ve gotten into it, it’s all taken on a life of its own. So the full course is taking longer than I planned. But for good reason–because I’m going way deeper into theory than ever before.

And though it’s been tempting to go the easy route and just gloss over the more complex topics of music–like the fundamental nature of harmony … or how music really moves through space and time … or how certain myths came to be in music–I haven’t cut any corners in the process.

Because, frankly, I want you to have the best damn course on guitar theory that you’ve ever seen! And because somewhere along the way, I realized this is about more than strumming a guitar or learning how to write songs.

Really, it’s about how you and I connect with music. And how we connect to ourselves. And each other … and the world around us.

Because music theory isn’t just about plucking a few notes on your instrument. It’s about unleashing your own creative energy to become one with the universe. It’s about reaching your greatest potential.

So to help give you a proper roadmap, I’ve been plugging away in the background … and it’s all coming together. So all of that is to say that the full theory course is definitely progressing.

And on the backend, Kristin and I are updating things and setting things up. We have a new website: (!), which may very well be up by the time you watch this.

The name reflects the fact that I want to make this a more personal conversation. And an ongoing one, too. So, I’ll be posting regular content as the full guitar theory course comes together.

I seriously cannot wait to share it with you. So I’ll see you soon … rock on!


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