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The myth of perfection will kill your dreams

Okay, so I’m going to be super honest here. I have a problem. And I’ve been dealing with it for years now.

I’m addicted to the notion of perfection.

Not in everything. I’m not a perfect songwriter. And I’m not even good at cooking … which is okay with me.

Where I struggle is in my work as a music teacher, and as an artist. I call it art because it is.

Depicting music theory through ColorMusic is my passion.  I love it. I love the process. I love the sense of discovery at making new connections.

I love hearing from musicians about the breakthroughs they’ve had with ColorMusic. And hearing the music they’ve made as a result. It’s all so beautiful.

But over the years, I’ve gotten tripped up by the idea that my output has to be perfect. Every illustration has to be flawless. Each word must be perfectly crafted. Every sequence of ideas must be precisely on-point.

And this standard of perfection has slowed me down.

I think part of it is fear. Despite the amazing feedback I get, part of me has been hiding … scared to put it all out there.

I’ve been too closely tied to ColorMusic to let it fly free. To truly unleash its potential and get it into people’s hands.

So, in the name of perfection, I’ve agonized over every blog post in the past … endlessly scrutinized every book. Methodically analyzed every single minute detail of the stickers and the packaging and the this and the that.

The result has been good — don’t get me wrong. I’m proud of the high quality. What I’m not proud of is the quantity.

The truth is, I’ve been holding back. As I’ve been quietly tinkering away in the relative solitude of my “music theory lab,” I’ve been developing a lot of good stuff. (No, really.) But I haven’t been sharing it with you at a fair pace.

That’s now changing.

I’m ratcheting up the output. And, to be frank, it still scares me. Because I might miss dotting a few i’s and crossing a couple of t’s.

But here goes…. I’m excited by this change. And I’m stoked to have you join me on this journey.


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