Before looking at what ColorMusic is, you need to know why it even exists. And ask these three basic questions….

1. Why learn to play music?

Because everything you’ve heard is true. People who study music see some very cool benefits. I mean, who wouldn’t want these things:

  • Stimulate whole-braining thinking
  • Relieve daily stress
  • Strengthen analytical math skills
  • Improve interpersonal communication
  • Inspire a joy of discovery

2. Why use color to learn music?

Intuitively, color and music are a natural fit. That’s why so many kiddie instruments and toys are colorized. By using color, these music products offer some advantages:

  • Improve rote memorization – helping students recognize notes
  • Simplify the process of learning new songs
  • Make it more fun to play music
  • Stimulate an interest in really learning to play an instrument

3. Why use ColorMusic to play?

Because it’s the real deal – not just another kiddie method or set of training wheels. ColorMusicTM provides the benefits of any other color system, plus it goes three HUGE steps further:

1. It helps you learn fast

The color patterns are clear and intuitive. As a primitive, universal language, color is easily and quickly understood. Like a shortcut to the brain, this information bypasses the normal language barriers applied to traditional music symbols and terms.

2. It leads to a real understanding of music

Unlike other colorized products, this system isn’t arbitrary or merely wacky and fun. ColorMusic is based on a meaningful connection between the color wheel and the chromatic scale. So it really shows you how music works.

3. It lets you easily jump from one instrument to the next

Although every instrument has different fingering, the same basic pattern of 12 notes is always used. So once you’ve mastered an instrument, it’s easy to learn others … like the piano, guitar, ukulele, recorder, or whatever!

So if you want to realize the benefits of playing music, ColorMusic is the fastest and most fun way to do it! Simply pick your instrument . Then jump in and enjoy!


Okay, that all sounds good … so what exactly is ColorMusic?

In a nutshell, here’s how it works. You simply combine the 12 colors of the color wheel with the 12 keys of the “circle of fifths” – that is, the special pattern of keys in music. You then rearrange these 12 notes into what’s called the “chromatic scale” – the note pattern we use to play instruments.

And bam! You can suddenly see how the notes are laid out … and how they relate. In fact, the color and note patterns are so perfectly matched that it’s almost spooky. Together, color and music paint a picture that’s surprisingly simple. Just two different languages that tell the exact same story. Because you already understand colors, it’s now easy to learn the vocabulary and logic of a musician.

It turns out that ColorMusic is, in fact, the “holy grail” of patterns. The one that people have been trying to find for a very long time . So once you begin you’ll be playing better than you ever thought was possible. Yes!

Want even more detail? Read the blog , or pick your instrument  and start playing. It’s really that simple.

Patent No.: US 6,841,724 B2

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