Why color?
Color helps you see the patterns in music — so you can learn quickly and deeply. With ColorMusic, you don’t have to rely on notation, letters, numbers, and other abstract symbols to play. Just simple color patterns that reveal how music works.

Do I need to read music notation?
Absolutely not! It’s a myth that music notation and music theory are the same thing. While ColorMusic clarifies how music notation works, it doesn’t rely on it or emphasize it. You can simply play by ear (and eye).

How do I get started?
Join the ColorMusic Crash Course, where you’ll get lots of free tools and five (5) video lessons.

Tell me about the instrument stickers?
Simple specs … elegant design:

  • State-of-the-art removable adhesive
  • Scratch-resistant color print
  • Moisture-resistant clear vinyl
  • Easy to apply
  • Currently available for guitar, piano, and ukulele

I don’t want to play the guitar, piano, or uke. Can I use ColorMusic with other instruments?
You can play virtually any instrument under the sun! Check out this DIY guide to 30 different instruments. And on Pinterest, you’ll find a full list of instrument finger charts.

Which guitar stickers do I need — classical, electric, or acoustic?
All guitar stickers have the same note pattern. The only difference is the size. The neck of a classical guitar is wider than the neck of either an electric or an acoustic guitar. (Electric and acoustic guitars are the same size.)

If you’re unsure about which kind you have, a good rule of thumb is that classical guitars have nylon or plastic strings, whereas electric and acoustic guitars have metal strings.

All ColorMusic stickers are designed to fit full-size instruments (i.e., not 3/4 or kid-size). If you’d like us to offer something that’s not currently available, let us know!

I’m left-handed. Do you have any instrument stickers for me?
Yes! We love lefties around here. All instrument stickers are designed to work for both right-handed and left-handed players. (Crazy, huh?)

The piano, of course, is universal for all musicians. For both the guitar and ukulele, you simply rotate each fretboard sticker 180-degrees to get the “mirror image” note pattern. It’s simple.

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