How ColorMusic is like the Rosetta Stone

It’s true … music is just a bunch of simple patterns. But what sounds like poetry to our ears is a foreign language to our eyes. It’s strange, because while my ears are naturally fluent in music, my eyes can’t make heads or tails of it. Why?

Well, that’s because traditional notation does a bad job of translating the patterns we hear into the patterns we see. In other words, music gets lost in translation. Staff lines, little black dots, and accidental symbols don’t really illustrate the sounds of scales, chords, and progressions. Sad, but true. In fact, these symbols look more like ancient hieroglyphics than any understandable pattern.

Traditional notation and Egyptian heiroglyphics

Which is why we need some type of translator—our own musical Rosetta Stone. When Napoleon Bonaparte’s troops rediscovered the original Rosetta Stone back in 1799 during a trip to Egypt, it was a major breakthrough in understanding real Egyptian hieroglyphics. Until then, no one could understand any of the messages written on the pyramids.

Rosetta stone translates Heiroglyphics into Greek

The Rosetta Stone was a big deal because it included a single message written in different languages. And that helped crack the code to Egyptian hieroglyphics. Because people already understood the Greek text etched into the stone, they could easily decipher all the hieroglyphic symbols written on another part of the stone. So just like that, folks used a language they already knew to quickly learn a totally knew language. Brilliant!

This is how ColorMusic works, too. It quickly translates the patterns of music into a language we already understand. How? By combining color and music … which both happen to follow the exact same patterns. We already know about red, blue, orange, complementary colors, and so on. So we now can easily understand musical terms like “tonic, “flat-five,” major-third,” etc.

It’s sort of spooky, actually. Color and music directly mirror each other. Just two different languages that tell the exact same story. And that makes learning music a breeze—seriously. So I hope you have your seatbelts on. Because we are in for one a wild ride. Honestly… our new music skills would make even the most powerful pharaohs jealous.

Ancient Egyptian heiroglyphics with ColorMusic

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