How musicians are like archaeologists

Sometimes, I wish I was an archeologist. Because, you know … if you’ve ever seen any of the “Indiana Jones” movies, then you know what I mean. There’s just something mysterious and exciting about uncovering lost treasure. Especially when it’s been sitting there all along—right under your nose. At first glance, some layer of dirt might look boring or useless. But once you start to dig, it’s amazing what you can find hidden underneath.

But hey, as musicians, our lives aren’t very different, right? Because, with ColorMusic, we’re constantly discovering cool, new patterns. In fact, the connection between light and sound has been staring us in the face for centuries. Over time, these simple, powerful patterns have been hidden under layers of sand and strange symbols … patiently waiting for us to find them. But they’ve been there all along.

And finally, they’ve seen the light of day. Like a bunch of whip-cracking archeologists out to discover the truth, we’re sweeping away the dust and cobwebs … and stumbling upon some amazing stuff. Sorry, Indie, but it’s even better than stealing some golden statuette. I mean, this is music, after all.

So whether you’re just joining us now, or you’ve already found out about Color Music, welcome. Let’s roll up our sleeves and enjoy the ride, shall we? It only gets better from here.

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