Is music really that hard?

Now that we’re starting to see how simple music really is, it’s got me thinking. What’s so hard about learning a new instrument? I mean … really? For a lot of people, music study is just slow and painful. And, from what I can tell, that’s because people assume two things about learning music:

  • It’s difficult, and
  • It takes too much time

And, honestly, both of these are kind of true … if you learn things the old way, that is. You see, most musicians do get a bad deal. Maybe they start out wanting to learn an instrument. Or maybe they have music lessons forced on them. Either way, these students end up with teachers who never really explain how things work. They speak in a foreign language (saying things like “Every Good Boy Does Fine”) and assign a bunch of boring finger exercises. It’s not fun and, frankly, it doesn’t make sense.

And because things aren’t clear, new musicians have to spend extra time practicing. It’s a vicious cycle, really. They put in more effort … only to get a smaller payoff. In the end, nothing gets much easier because they still don’t understand music.

Meanwhile, their friends are out doing something fun … like playing Guitar Hero or Rock Band. After all, why would they put in all that extra effort on a real instrument when they can “make music” without having to try? It’s no wonder a lot of music students get discouraged and give up. Like they crashed and burned.

But of course, this slow and painful approach to music is for suckers. No offense, but learning things the traditional way is a waste of time … literally.

That’s why ColorMusic is so cool. Life is good because it simplifies everything. Now that we can actually see how music works, it’s no longer difficult. In fact, it’s downright easy to understand. Which makes it easy to play all kinds of patterns … like scales, melodies, chords, and progressions.

And because we actually know what we’re doing, we’re also saving tons of time. Which means we’ll only be getting better faster. (It turns out that vision is a beautiful thing.) So the next time someone complains about music lessons, or they say music is so hard, we can just smile. Because we’ve finally cracked the code to music. Poor them … but happy us.


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