Mike George

ColorMusic Media was founded in 2008 by Mike George as a one-man blog. Today, it is a full production studio operated by Mike and his wife, Kristin—offering a variety of multi-sensory learning tools for music students.

Each resource is carefully crafted to deliver a whole-brained experience. Using clear words and pictures, all of our materials are designed to engage your left brain—in order to activate your creative right brain. That is, we help you master the science of music theory, so you can enjoy the art of making music.

At ColorMusic Media, our dream is to make playing music accessible to everyone. But it’s not just about learning to play an instrument. We’re even more excited by what music can do for you. The truth is, music is a powerful force that can inspire your passion for discovery. And THAT is why we’re here.

The growth of our family-owned business has come from a fanatical desire to create something better. We exist simply to help propel you along your own path of discovery. And we’re excited for you to join us.

So get started today with the ColorMusic Crash Course. There’s a universe of discovery waiting for you….



Mike George, ColorMusic Media

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