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Below is a whole bunch of information to get you started!  Included are two blog series and videos explaining what ColorMusic is. You’ll also find a list of resources available here.

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how to see sound


The blog series, How to see sound, and the video below both answer the question, “What is ColorMusic?”



an essential guide to music theory


This next blog series, An essential guide to music theory, and the video below go into the science of ColorMusic.





This site has lots of free stuff for you to use on your musical journey. Of course, you can always just jump in and explore. But below, we hit on the highlights.

First, be sure to sign up for our free ebook (on the right sidebar of this page). It’s a quick start guide, and all of our books are written assuming you have read it. When you sign up, you’ll be joining our email list. We promise to respect you and to not wear out your inbox. But if you’re still weary of email lists (who can blame you!), we recommend signing up, getting the free ebook, then unsubscribing from the list.

Also, check out our song library. It’s full of public domain songs in PDF format. Just click and print!

We have a glossary of music terms. And, honestly, it’s pretty robust. Over 1,500 terms! So if you want to learn something new, be sure to check it out.

MuseScore is free music software. And it’s awesome. We have a ColorMusic plugin, which is also free. Colorizing your own music is a breeze!

There is also the Octavian app, which is produced and sold by Bitnotic, that includes ColorMusic. It’s pretty sweet.

And, of course, we have a shop to get you up and running, and a blog full of rich content to help you to learn, play, and teach.

Again, thank you for letting us be a part of your musical journey! We want you to feel inspired to discover. Connect with us socially to keep up on all things ColorMusic. Our goal is to serve you well.

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